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Can I mail you a program suggestion or other comments?  
  • Please email me at dosware @t hotmail dot com
What (or WHY) is the Free Software for DOS site?  
  • This site has been on the web, in one form or another, since 1994. It started as a "personal favorites" list of free DOS programs and has undergone a process of slow and broad accretion over the years.
  • The content on this site is largely a snapshot of DOS freeware which was popular during the mid and late 1990's. Many descriptions of programs are old and should be evaluated within that historical context.
  • There exist gaps in coverage: Power users will find few batch tips and files, program patches, device drivers, text documents, or extremely specialized programs. No games are listed. Many programs here are old and may not be Year 2000 compliant. Many old file and disk utilities won't perform adequately on PCs with the latest hardware and file systems (multi-gigabyte drives, FAT 32, NTFS)
  • As of 2010, DOS has clearly entered the realm of "historical artifact".
    • With the advent of Windows XP in 2001 DOS was no longer included with a mainstream operating system. DOS programs were executable (with exceptions) in Win XP using an emulation layer.
    • 2001-2004: Many users still used the DOS included with Win98/Me- but by 2007 almost all had switched to an NT based (no DOS) Windows OS.
    • The population of die-hard DOS users is relatively small, older, and rapidly shrinking (educated guess).
    • Commercial use of embedded DOS (e.g., machine control) remains widespread, Custom machinery is expensive to replace- so the old software (and DOS) remain in use.
    • Many DOS fans transitioned to Linux years ago.
    • Summary: This site is transitioning from a "functional" DOS software site to that of an archive focused on historical awareness and commentary.
Is there anything remotely unique about FSFD?  
  • FSFD is a source of several rare DOS programs.
  • Sadly, while many great lists of DOS freeware were published during the mid 1990's, they are no longer maintained (nor available) on the web. FSFD has attempted to preserve the best of those lists as well as adding original content.
  • FSFD can be copied and modified with virtually no restrictions. See the CDL license.
  • The site has been, and will remain, a non-profit / non-commercial effort.
  • FSFD is still maintained (2021) after 25 years of development. FSFD remains a quiet, personal, and enjoyable project as it was in 1994.
Can I copy/ edit / mirror FSFD?  
  • This site's pages are distributed under the CDL (Common Documentation License). This simple and unrestrictive license allows for the free distribution, publication, and modification of these pages by anyone (the major restriction is that derivative works must adhere to the same license).




Editor: Rich Green (1994-2004; 2009-current)

Editor: Steve Adelwitz (2004-2009). Sadly, Steve (Short.Stop) passed away in early 2009. Steve unselfishly contributed greatly to FSFD and the DOS community. Bravo Steve!

To the generous and thoughtful programmers who create some very enjoyable and useful software. Second, to the FTP sites, administrators, and mirrors who grant free access to their file collections. And to those who submit tips to the DOS newsgroups – many of the gems here were first discovered through newsgroups. A big thanks to all those who have so graciously offered advice, correction, and support.

Special persons who have contributed to this effort:

Special thanks to: Bjørn Simonsen whose wisdom and patient advice throughout have been invaluable; Howard Schwartz who has contributed several excellent reviews and program suggestions; and Robert Bull for his excellent program suggestions and commentary. Also, thanks go to Yves Bellefeuille, Bob Appleton, and Dev Teelucksingh for their immensely helpful freeware / software lists. (Of course, all errors included within are my own invention!)

Too many other wonderful people to list...

Special thanks to these FTP archives, mirrors, and other file-hosting institutions:

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